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Polarity Therapy

Polarity Therapy was developed in the twentieth century Dr. Randolph Stone. It involves the Human Energy Field, which is the electromagnetic field within and surrounding the human body.  The goal of Polarity therapy is to balance the energy of the body and to prevent or release blockages of energy, which are thought to be the source of pain and disease.  It is a system of bodywork that combines touch, gentle manipulation, and movement, encompassed in a therapy that includes energetic diet, exercise, and lifestyle education.   It uses touch and pressure to balance the energy of the body with the concept of energy flowing outward from a central core.   The concepts of Polarity therapy extend into many holistic healing practices.


American Polarity Therapy Association


The Certification Online Distant Learning Programme in Polarity Therapy

Healthy Lifestyles

The Polarity Process

Franklyn Sills


Richard Gordon


Book Review from Back Cover:

This book is the essential guide to the fundamental principles of Polarity Therapy and a tremendous achievement in Energy Medicine Scholarship. Franklin Sills has preserved a great treasure by translating Dr. Randolph Stone's complex, multi-dimensional synthesis of ancient esoteric wisdom into a systematic., comprehensible summary.  Stone's books are notoriously difficult to follow because of their stream of consciousness writing style, a problem that can obscure access to a remarkably effective health care system.  Sills solves the problem brilliantly with a logical organization of the theory that holds true to it's profound wisdom while adding clarity and practicality.  I consider this book required reading for any student of the understanding of energy in the healing arts.

-John Chitty, Founder of Colorado School of Energy Studies

Back Cover:

Quantum-Touch represents a major breakthrough in the art of hand-on healing.  Whether you are a complete novice, a professional chiropractor, physical therapist, body worker, healer, or other health professional.  Quantum-Touch allows you a dimension of power in your work that heretofore has not seemed possible.

Product Description:
This easy-to-follow manual teaches a new hands-on healing practice called quantum-touch. Quantum-touch uses special breathing and body-focusing techniques to elevate the body’s energy. With a light touch, even novices can see postural corrections as bones gently glide into their correct alignment. The book presents a technique that “may truly allow us all to become healers” (C. Norman Shealy).

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